Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Kinergy History

Established in Singapore in 1988, we are a contract manufacturer specializing in manufacturing equipment, machines, sub-systems, precision tools, spare parts and components in the semiconductor industry.


The acquisition of Puyan was completed.


“We together with our busines partner Techcom Technology Pte Ltd established, KinerTec (Nantong) Co. Ltd in the PRC to principally engage in the manufacturing of sheet metal products and structural metal products.

We acquired 51.03% equity interest in Shanghai CEL Puyan Equity Investment Management Limited (“”Puyan””) which principally engage in fund management business and to make equity investments in high-end equipment, semiconductor equipment, advanced manufacturing and other related industries.


“Our Company was listed on the HKEX (code: 3302).

We entered into a fund partnership agreement with several related parties in relation to the formation of the fund with initial proposed size of RMB500 million. The fund will be principally engaged in equity investments in enterprises in the information technology industry (which encompasses the semiconductor industry), intelligent manufacturing industry, and precision engineering equipment manufacturing industry (such as the semiconductor production equipment industry) and peripheral industries (such as the analog chips and perceptual components sectors) in the PRC.”


We were awarded the ISO 9001 : 2015 certification.


Diamond Wealth Global Limited invested in our Group and became one of our substantial shareholders.


We delisted from the SGX-ST.


Our Company was listed on the SGX-ST.


Kinergy EMS acquired the land use rights for a land site of approximately 7,900 sq.m. in Nantong for the construction of our new manufacturing facility.


We established Kinergy EMS (Nantong) Company Limited (“Kinergy EMS”) in Nantong, the PRC to expand our electronic manufacturing services division, providing contract manufacturing services.


We were awarded the ‘‘Enterprise 50’’ award (a recognition award for promising Singapore small and medium-sized enterprises) for three consecutive years (1999–2001). We got 3rd prize in 2001.


We established Kinergy Philippines, Inc in the Philippines and set up office and factory for original design manufacturing operations.


“We began offering electronic manufacturing services to Customer A, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wire bonding equipment in terms of sales revenue in 2017 according to the Industry Report.

We were awarded the ISO 9002 certification.

Kinergy Mechatronics Shanghai Company Limited was established in Shanghai, the PRC.”


We set up our electronic manufacturing services division, providing contract manufacturing services.


Our Company was incorporated in Singapore and started original design manufacturing operations.

Corporate Culture
and Philosophy

Through uncompromising efficiency and productivity in our work Kinergy will give financial and societal benefits and VALUES to our business partners, shareholders, employees and the communities we operate in.

Focus on long term partnerships
No large corporate bureaucracy.
Strong management commitment
Honest open communication, flexible, fast, accessible, and engaged.
Business-friendly model
No minimum annual spend required from Customer. Low Volume / High Mix business with diverse and complex product mix.