Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

As a proven & trusted service provider of Electronics Manufacturing Services, Kinergy provides highly customized solutions for the high tech complex capital equipment industries.

Our focus is to fully understand your needs, from the complexities of strategic sourcing, to technical engineering solutions, and challenging cost demands.

Kinergy’s Unique Value Proposition
Lower Your Fixed Costs
  • Lower your overhead costs by converting your fixed manufacturing costs into variable costs.
  • Manage your business cycles and operating costs by partnering with Kinergy's competent highly skilled and flexible workforce.
Competitive Pricing
  • Unique vertical integration supply chain strategy.
  • In house capabilities for precision machining, sheet metal forming & frame making, and other key competencies.
  • Strong supply chain management.
Shorter Lead Times
  • Proven track record to handle your most complex manufacturing and time to market needs.
Strong Intellectual Property (IP) Protection
  • Strong industry best practices to protect your valuable IP.
Quality Enhancement
  • Certified quality management systems, including ISO9001 and ISO14001.

In-house precision machining – CNC milling, grinding and turning


Vertically integrated with Joint Venture for precision frames and sheet metal

Industries we serve